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Ways to ensure that your call center is performing well

Customer service has great impact on how people see a business and it is important to evaluate the performance of the call center regularly. Since many large businesses tend to make use of offshore call center services providers, their quality may not be as desired by the customers. Though most of the service providers in India do have an excellent name for its quality, it is always good to check their quality before you shake hands with them.

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Customer Satisfaction

The quality of the customer service delivered at any call center company in India and anywhere else for that matter is directly linked to the level of customer satisfaction. A quick analysis of the rate of customer service can tell how well a customer is treated when a call is made and if the customer is satisfied with the resolution given. Depending upon the result of the analysis you can decide the fate of that particular company.

First Call Resolution

This is another metrics that can tell you if the Indian service provider you have hired is performing well. You can quickly pull random data for some months and check for the percentage of the first call resolution scenarios. Well, if the percentage is high, you can assume naturally that the team is doing a good job. If not you might want to look into the situation a bit more closely and figure it out.

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Response time

No one wants to stay talking to a customer executive to get solution for their concern and response time can definitely impact customer satisfaction and even their loyalty to the brand. Even if a perfect resolution is given to the customer after delaying it for any illegitimate reason, customers may be forced to leave you once and for all. A quick analysis of the relation between response time and customer attrition can tell you where the offshore company has to work hard on.

Self-Service Accessibility

IVR systems are primarily used to make the customers get resolutions faster and to save time. One of the most heard complaints of customers is that the IVR itself is confusing and it never takes the customer to the right place without being thrown around different departments. You can study the effectiveness of the IVR periodically and manage the same more efficiently to support customers.

Trained professionals

Since most of the companies offering these services are located globally, it is very unlikely that customers get native speakers of English. Being a service provider, make sure that the representatives of the company are trained the best way to effectively interact and support the customers. Representatives with poor communication skills can eventually kill your business for sure.

While these can be the best ways to analyze and evaluate the performance of an offshore company, schedule adherence, accurate forecasting systems and better technical support to assist the facility also will surely help.

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Call center outsourcing – The palpable worth

Technology has transformed in such a way that there is a network established between different business entities. This type of mutual connectivity has changed the whole face of present day business relationships.

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In social media websites, options are provided to add brands as friends. This in fact reveals the way of perceptions that the customers now have. When brands are regarded as friends, it becomes their responsibility to arrange means for listening to the customer concerns and agonies through proper solutions. Many of the reputed brands are relying on service providers  in India because of the immaculate quality of solutions offered by the professionals here.

Expectations of customers keep on increasing and this owes to the stiff competition in the market where service provides are perspiring to overrule each other by providing best possible experience for the customers. The experience a customer enjoys while purchasing from you is significant but equally significant is the assistance he gets whether it’s during pre-sales, sales or the post-sales. Service providers in India can be of immense help for that. Customer service is now not just a value-added service but unavoidable provision that you are bound to avail your prospects. Not only this gains you new customers but your loyal customer base keeps on expanding.

Location is never a concern when the world today is getting connected without any hassles through highly operative communication channels. All that matters is the capability of call center services provider to offer an experience that syncs with customer expectations in all aspects possible.

Customers when advocates you, the marketing efforts you need to take gets minimized. And converting them to your advocates is easily enabled by offering them assistance whenever they need through proper means like call center services.

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How to leverage cloud benefits for your call center productivity?

By making the most of cloud technology, you can enhance the effectiveness and productivity of your call center services. This technology helps in transforming customer conversations to judiciously systematized interactions.

Cloud has in fact redefined the scope of outsourcing call center services in India. With this superior technology, the customer care department are now enjoying immense flexibility and pace. The cloud services being availed by reliable providers are built on highly advanced software. This helps the companies outsourcing these services to India get pliable customer support packages.

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If you are planning to outsource to India and select any such package, there is no doubt that you can benefit from various service channels. Through them, users can complete the appropriate data with the help from authentic access privileges. At the same time, the concerned services managers can get a real-time insight regarding the performance of their outsourcing.

As an Indian outsourcing company, embracing cloud can do you enormous favours. Your company can make available constant performance through all channels. Communications across phone, chat and mail etc. are included in that.

Customers will be getting maximum control via a self-service assistance portal. Having a dashboard like that helps them in troubleshooting vexatious issues easily and quickly. Agents working in your company can get completed and updated information about the customers any time. The productivity of agents can be enhanced by leveraging cloud enabled systems.

With collective service proficiency, a user can share important information across numerous fragments of the enterprise. In short, for getting a real time insight about the customer support services in your outsourcing, making use of dashboards and analytics powered by cloud would really be great. Smart ones have already adopted cloud technology; don’t be too late.

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