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7 wonderful tips for choosing the right call center service provider


Call center services provide immense support to customers by dealing with their issues related to a product or service. But what makes selection of the right company a confusing task is the availability of a number of services. Underlying tips will guide you on selecting the most suited outsourcing partner for your requirement.

  1. Stack up your requirements


Before you get in touch with third party call center service providers, you should have a good idea of the requirements. Only those who fulfill your criteria must be considered. This way your business can narrow down the options and that can be extremely helpful.

  1. Get feedback from others in the field


Friends, relatives or other businesses can help you in judging how a particular company performs. If you get a satisfactory testimonial then you can wave green flag to the endorsed outsourcing agent.

  1. Verification of resources


It is important to know about the current support status and service limit of a call center to gauge their performance. If their scalability is up to the expectations, then your business is in safe hands. Technology certifications and language proficiency can also be tested during the verification process. 

  1. CRM and social media integration

If you have decided on a particular company then it is time to speak about managing databases. Successful businesses require efficient manipulation of databases. It will be really helpful if your call center can merge seamlessly with the CRM that you are working on. Social media integration also has to be addressed.

  1. Location centered selection


To provide seamless support it is inevitable to have smooth communication in between. It is not always mandatory that the service provider you have deployed is at a location which suits your business or where more users are targeted. If the company can assure excellence and effective communication channels, all time round the clock, then there are no needs to worry.

  1. Security and integrity issues discussion

data protection

Communication management and usage of database details must be discussed very seriously with the authorities. A small security loophole can cause catastrophic effect on customer service. It is wise to dig into their technology and check its redundancy. Regulatory standards that your company meets have to be met by the service provider.

  1. Speak about the financial burden

Business discussion

It is advised to check with the monetary terms before moving the pen to the dotted line. If your considered company charges you unreasonably higher prices, stay away from the trap. Costly services are not always the best. Ask quotations from few of the preferred call center service providers to be on the safe zone. 

Double checking numerical values and profile will help business analysts to gain further insight into the working of a company. Outsourcing services providers offer excellent service and zero downtime since they are equipped to face any threats.


5 most effectual tips for training the call center apprentices

Customer services require adequate communication and tactical skills. A representative may be a genuine and talented person but it is his behaviour to customers and relationship management that sets his trail in the company. There are a handful of day saving call center tips when it comes to training of customer support staff; 5 most operative among them are listed below.

call center training tips

  1. Brief an overview of what is actually happening

One who is acquainted with the company and its man power is likely to be more dedicated than a person who doesn’t know anything about the company. Inductions must be targeted on the company, its profile, glorious years and whatever the policies may be. These highlight the values upheld by the call center services of the concerned company.

  1. Let experts handle training sessions

Get the best in your instructor panel to guide the “would be” representatives. It is better and more applicable to have experienced hands conduct teaching sessions, as they know how to present the most difficult task in an easy and perceptible manner.

  1. Assist trainees and provide reviews in a time bound manner

Efficient training is something that never ends. Regular refresher courses and skill boosters are a necessity. During the course, even some of the brightest performers may feel the stress creeping upon them. It is wise to refresh those talents and give them a review or enhancement session.

  1. Train representatives to be more precise and polite

The last thing a rude customer wants is a negative voice from the customer support service agents or representatives. It is very important to keep close relation with customers as a company’s executive. The call center agents represent the organization and therefore they are obliged to alleviate agonies of the customer. Understand and provide appropriate startup and empathy scripts to be in track with the concern.

  1. Real life example demonstrations

What is required and not can very well be explained by using a few recorded live sessions. The representative will understand the seriousness of the situation and will act accordingly. It is better to teach the mistaken and good sessions so that they will be able to distinguish in between.

These few tips will help a new comer quickly adapt to the organization’s policies there by improvising the quality of technical support.

Some points to ponder over for multilingual call center service providers

When it comes to outsourcing of call center services to India, companies offering multilingual options are preferred more. However competition has spared no businesses and service providers in India too are not exception to the said fact. Proper planning and resolute perseverance only make sure that they sustain by satisfying their clients. There are some relevant factors that they should consider.


It is not always mandatory that you employ separate employees for different languages. In many countries like India, Ireland and Switzerland etc., you will find expert people who master multiple languages. Also having different desktops, self-service applications and IVR is not necessary many times. Designing the system for multilingual use is the best thing to do.

Time Zones

Business is immensely impacted by time zones. Your systems must be able to adequately report the call with details regardless of the time zone it comes from. Check whether all the logs display same time while troubleshooting or if the servers are in distinct time zones. You must exactly know how much and which ones to adjust in case if needed.


Telephony is also an important factor to be considered by Indian outsourcing companies offering these services. It is not uniform and varies with geographical locations. You must consider the delays in telephony connections for different countries as it can be perilous for self service applications and IVR. This can even adversely affect customer experience and agent behaviour.  It should be therefore handled carefully and for that expert advice can be of great help.


Culture doubtlessly plays a crucial role though no index is there for gauging the difference it can make. The agents in your Indian multilingual call center company must be adept in adapting to the cultural uniqueness of different geographical locations and people. The behaviour and expectations depend hugely on the culture they hail from.

Have a self-analysis and if things are not on track, put some serious thoughts into it.

Tips for evaluating the efficiency of multilingual call center services

When you outsource multilingual call center services to destinations like India, you enjoy seamless benefits. There are lots of complexities involved as different languages and markets are to be considered. So, selecting an ideal outsourcing partner in India requires proper scrutinizing of several factors. Below tips will surely be of help to all those looking forward to outsource their multilingual call center requirements to India.

multilingual call center services

Evaluate the track record of service provider

Outsourcing is mainly about getting specialized resources. So, you must interview the concerned management team and try to analyse their skill-set including management aptitudes. Also you must inspect carefully the track record of the concerned service provider and this will shed light on their actual proficiencies.

Quality is of a paramount relevance

The team on which you rely should never compromise on quality. They must have proper quality systems in place that should continuously monitor the performance of all associated entities. Also there must be relevant processes to feed the insights grabbed through ongoing training and coaching.

Access the genuineness of cost

One of the most important reasons of outsourcing is the scope of cost reduction it avails. As investment is otherwise needed for infrastructure, technology and recruitment as well as training processes, having an in-house team of multilingual experts is unfeasible for most of the companies. You must make sure that the service provider offers significantly reduced rates. The best value for your investment must be guaranteed and don’t simply chase the cheapest services.

Grasping power must be impeccable.

Every business is unique and hence the service provider you choose must be able to easily and quickly grasp the nature and details of your business. For this they should be experienced, resourceful and intellectual. Assure the same before your outsource or else the investment may go futile.

Flexibility is always a plus.

Your needs may vary over time and hence the multilingual support providing company on which you rely must be able to accommodate the changing requirements. They should also be alert for meeting the immediate and unexpected demands you may have. Inquire to them regarding how many resources have they trained for you and how many extra are there as back-up.

By the above suggested tips, you will surely be able to find the right Indian outsourcing partner for you. It may demand considerable effort and time from your part but it’s really worthy.

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Call center outsourcing – The palpable worth

Technology has transformed in such a way that there is a network established between different business entities. This type of mutual connectivity has changed the whole face of present day business relationships.

call center India

In social media websites, options are provided to add brands as friends. This in fact reveals the way of perceptions that the customers now have. When brands are regarded as friends, it becomes their responsibility to arrange means for listening to the customer concerns and agonies through proper solutions. Many of the reputed brands are relying on service providers  in India because of the immaculate quality of solutions offered by the professionals here.

Expectations of customers keep on increasing and this owes to the stiff competition in the market where service provides are perspiring to overrule each other by providing best possible experience for the customers. The experience a customer enjoys while purchasing from you is significant but equally significant is the assistance he gets whether it’s during pre-sales, sales or the post-sales. Service providers in India can be of immense help for that. Customer service is now not just a value-added service but unavoidable provision that you are bound to avail your prospects. Not only this gains you new customers but your loyal customer base keeps on expanding.

Location is never a concern when the world today is getting connected without any hassles through highly operative communication channels. All that matters is the capability of call center services provider to offer an experience that syncs with customer expectations in all aspects possible.

Customers when advocates you, the marketing efforts you need to take gets minimized. And converting them to your advocates is easily enabled by offering them assistance whenever they need through proper means like call center services.

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Dealing with tough customers- It’s not that tough

One of the main challenges faced by most of the companies offering inbound call center services is dealing with irrational and unreasonable customers who shout. But things can be pretty much easier.

There are certain important facts that executives in an outsourcing Indian call center Services Company should remember. Firstly, all customers are not the same; they have unique personality traits and they will be hailing from different circumstances. Secondly an Indian inbound call center executive should always be expecting an outburst; you may find these people anytime but be professional and patient. You have the opportunity and responsibility to set the things right but sometimes despite all your efforts, nothing can save the situation. Don’t feel sorry for that; it happens.

inbound call center services

Now there are some tips that can help you even to get over most difficult situations.

Avoid the accustomed ‘I am sorry’ phrase. Your customers hear that regularly in different scenarios. So, you must seem to be genuinely concerned about their issues. Specifically start with an apology that addresses to their issues and use customer’s name while addressing them; this establishes a personal connect and it really helps.

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Customers who call to a company providing outsourcing inbound call center solutions in India may start attacking you. You should keep in mind that they don’t have any personal wrath towards you. It’s the inconvenience caused or loss incurred that is triggering them. So, being compassionate to the customers is what an executive in a typical Indian outsourcing company must unfailingly do.

Take customers side whenever you get a chance for that. Listen to them with interest and carefully. Without interrupting, ask questions and pin your ears back actively to their answers. Suggest solutions and try not to kill their time. Keep learning from the complaints so that when similar ones arrive in future, you deal with more efficiency.

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How to leverage cloud benefits for your call center productivity?

By making the most of cloud technology, you can enhance the effectiveness and productivity of your call center services. This technology helps in transforming customer conversations to judiciously systematized interactions.

Cloud has in fact redefined the scope of outsourcing call center services in India. With this superior technology, the customer care department are now enjoying immense flexibility and pace. The cloud services being availed by reliable providers are built on highly advanced software. This helps the companies outsourcing these services to India get pliable customer support packages.

Call center India

If you are planning to outsource to India and select any such package, there is no doubt that you can benefit from various service channels. Through them, users can complete the appropriate data with the help from authentic access privileges. At the same time, the concerned services managers can get a real-time insight regarding the performance of their outsourcing.

As an Indian outsourcing company, embracing cloud can do you enormous favours. Your company can make available constant performance through all channels. Communications across phone, chat and mail etc. are included in that.

Customers will be getting maximum control via a self-service assistance portal. Having a dashboard like that helps them in troubleshooting vexatious issues easily and quickly. Agents working in your company can get completed and updated information about the customers any time. The productivity of agents can be enhanced by leveraging cloud enabled systems.

With collective service proficiency, a user can share important information across numerous fragments of the enterprise. In short, for getting a real time insight about the customer support services in your outsourcing, making use of dashboards and analytics powered by cloud would really be great. Smart ones have already adopted cloud technology; don’t be too late.

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