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How can small businesses benefit from outsourcing back office?

Today, a large section of business firms entrust their back-office responsibilities to third party companies for developing a well-organized business infrastructure. Dedicated back office support services can enhance the productivity of any business. Hence it is wise to approach an established back office service provider and outsource your services to them. This will keep your employees more focussed on the core activities.

Different types of back office outsourcing you can opt for

Specialization in accomplishing particular tasks enhances the productivity of the unit. When you outsource certain tasks to the service providers, it eases up the pressure on your inhouse employees. This helps them to accomplish their duties without any other concern. Moreover, the dedicated personnel dealing with your back office responsibilities can handle these tasks better than your employees could do. It is necessary to reach out to a company with dedicated back office support solutions. The reliable service providers adhere to the recommendations provided by their clients while delivering services.

Here, you will come to know about the types of back office services that you can outsource.

Virtual/Personal assistant

You can hire a personal assistant, or outsource your tasks to them. These professionals work remotely, closely collaborating with the business firms from a different area. Experienced virtual assistants can ease up your task to a great extent.

Check this PDF to know about list of tasks that you can outsource to virtual assistant.


With the rise in the volume of eCommerce business, companies are seeking marketing services from reputed third party entities. These companies deliver a comprehensive range of services to their clients. They handle responsibilities such as updating web stores, online marketing, social media marketing and so on. These are important aspects of digital marketing, which is crucial for the success of any business firm in the digitized business world. You can get across to one of the reputed offshore outsourcing companies for online marketing services.

Customer support

This is one of the areas most of the companies need a professional and dedicated support. Customers are the assets of your business, so you need to come up with the necessary support mechanism for them. Both established companies and startups outsource their customer support services to other call center companies. In case your inhouse staff has to shoulder these responsibilities, they will not be able to focus on the new customers. Outsourcing these services to a dedicated bench ensures that they can engage with the existing customers, while you cater to the requirements of the new clients. With this additional manpower, you can tackle the customer calls with a greater efficiency. You can go for shared-agent solutions or cloud-based services, when you seek a professional assistance for these services.

Data services

Processing voluminous data is one of the most painstaking tasks for small businesses. Outsourcing your data entry services enhances the productivity to a great extent. The platforms providing back office support for small businesses come with sophisticated tools and advanced software to minimize errors while entering this data into their systems. Besides, efficient manpower ensures fast and timely processing of data. Data services include data cleansing, data processing, data mining, document management, document scanning, data capturing and other related services.

Key advantages of outsourcing your back office services

Regardless of the size of business, companies all over the world outsource their back-office services. You can benefit in various ways, when you outsource these services:

  • Save a substantial amount of effort and time.
  • Leverage your productivity
  • Make the best use of your inhouse resources
  • Get powerful business solutions within a short time
  • Get access to experienced professionals for specific tasks
  • Provide quality customer care services to your clients
  • Enjoy scalable services from the experts
  • Get higher volume of leads through effective online marketing strategies

You can approach one of the reputed companies for back office outsourcing services and give your business a boost.

How to choose the right company for back office solutions?

Before you outsource your back office services, it is necessary to assess the specialization of the firm to which you are outsourcing these services. You need to have a look at their track record to ensure quality services. Here are certain guidelines that will help you choose the right back office service providers.

Focus on the goals of your outsourcing

Well, it is necessary to focus on your goals and get the services customized, when you reach out to a third party. First of all, create a list of services that need to be outsourced. You also need to consider your budget, when you outsource these services. Organize a boardroom meeting to evaluate your expectations from the service providers. Now convey these specifications to the outsourcing company for tailored solutions.

Get a holistic solution from the vendor

You need to choose a vendor providing a comprehensive support to your business. Make sure that the company is able to tackle services related to data as well as customer support. You may also need an expert hand to deal with marketing, recruitment, accounting and general administration. Get across to a platform providing a holistic solution for your business.

Evaluate their infrastructure

The third party company providing the necessary services should have a robust infrastructure, in terms of technology and manpower. Have a look into their back-up mechanisms to deal with your tasks under emergent conditions. This ensures that your services will remain uninterrupted. They should have a reliable security infrastructure and equipment on their platform.

Compliance with the regulations

In case you are planning to outsource your back office services to an offshore company, take care to ensure that they comply with the legal regulations. Get across to a vendor with all the certificates and licenses needed to operate the business. The vendor should have the necessary capabilities to provide you with an adequate support.

Evaluate your agreements

The service provider should sign the Service Level Agreements with their clients. You should complete the paperwork and evaluate the terms and conditions. Focus on the indicator reports that might be released on monthly, weekly or daily basis. You should get access to all the metrics to evaluate the performance of the service provider.

Type of customer support you need

It is necessary to understand the types of back office services, before you get across to a firm and outsource them. The vendor should assign a team, dedicated for your services. Besides, the reputed service providers assign a relationship manager, who interacts with their clients; understand their needs and delivers tailored services. Choose the outsourcing company according to the type of services you need.

Seek tailored services

A generic solution for your back-office services is not the solution in the competitive business environment. Seek highly customized services from the outsourcing company to meet your specific needs. The vendor should be able to tailor the services according to your requirements. Get across to a reputed platform, where the experts deal with each client individually and cater to their requirements.

Communicate and collaborate

A close collaboration between the clients and the service providers work out well. You need to convey your needs to the outsourcing company. When you convey your specifications to the experts, they can provide you with the necessary solutions. A good communication system ensures that no ambiguity creeps in the process, ensuring optimum satisfaction for the client.

Request for quality reports

When you outsource your back-office services, you should be able to assess their standard of work. Request for quality reports from time to time. Keeping an eye on the quality ensures an optimum return of your investment. Generating quality reports also reduces the chances of disagreements with the vendor.

Measure your ROI by conducting audits

It is necessary to assess the ROI, when you outsource your back-office services. Conduct audits on a regular basis to measure the returns coming in over the time. Various tools are available to evaluate the performance of the service providers. The company should make these resources readily available to you. This will help you to enhance the productivity of your business.

Outsourcing your non-core services ensures an increased output from your end. Reach out to one of the established back office outsourcing companies and entrust them with these services. A dedicated support at the other end can bolster your business.


How outsourcing destinations in India supersedes Philippines?

It is a fact beyond debate that Asia is the most preferred continent when it comes to outsourcing. Reasons for the favoritism includes cost-effectiveness, command over English language, skilled workforce and a lot more. Though there are many players in the market, the main competition has always been between the outsourcing destinations in India and those in Philippines.

Let us see how India wins over Philippines in regard of different service requirements that are outsourced.


Technology oriented services

Today, with the growth of technology, outsourcing tasks are mainly technology integrated. Philippines is considered to be mainly focused on voice-based solutions provisions as their population is known for its amazing American accent. The pitfall is that, they lack the expertise for appropriate integration of technology into such solutions. Outsourcing companies in India on the other hand already have a good reputation in software technology niche.

Sales oriented services

Customer care centres are no more those old white elephants but these days they are regarded as profit hubs. In the scenario where businesses are looking forward to transform their call centres into profit generating hubs, its more about sales than mere support. The country that is primarily focused towards availing voice based support is yet to specialize in adding that sales element. Big fishes in the business world believe because of obvious reasons that India is better at integrating sales pitch into its support services. 

Ecommerce services

Ecommerce is gaining immense popularity and this has thus paved way for more outsourcing. For eCommerce businesses, not just the customer support is included but also a lot of other aspects like logistics, bandwidth and software expertise are there. Philippines mainly offers BPO services and has still not stabilized itself as a reliable destination offering eCommerce related business solutions. The fact that Amazon, one of the most renowned and chief e-tailing company is all set to open its largest software centre in Hyderabad testifies the upper hand India has over other outsourcing hubs.

Voice based services

Philippines surely enjoy huge credibility by delivering impeccable class of voice based solutions among different global outsourcing firms. However, when the present trend is considered, it’s not just about voice based assistance. Other channels like social media, chat and technical support etc. too are relevant. This in fact makes India a better option and it can be gain more momentum.

Cloud based services

Automation has taken charge in many domains and offshore outsourcing services these days are being highly sourced from cloud. Philippines is fast developing its infrastructure to stay in demand. At the same time, India already has dedicated cables undersea for delivering BPaaS.

In view of the above, it can be definitely concluded that opting for outsourcing services in India is a wiser choice. PGBS is a preferred and proven destination for all your outsourcing requirements. Contact us today itself to know more in detail.