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Tips for a more efficient call center scheduling process

Seamless scheduling drives the operational mechanism of a contact centre with efficiency. You need to analyse the pressure of work and allocate the right number of executives at the right hours. It is necessary to schedule the work in a well-calculated manner, so that you can use the time economically. When properly scheduled, you can get optimum benefits from the available resources. Here are ten tips that will enable you to make the call center scheduling processes more productive.


Work on annualised hours

These days, a number of companies operate on annualised hours instead of going for overtimes and extended hours. You may hire part time agents and include both full time and part time agents in your team. When you switch to this system, you can save a lot of resources on overtime expenditure. This enables your company to get more human resources during the busy hours. When the pressure is comparatively lesser, you may decrease the manpower, according to the need of the situation.

Deal with scheduling questions through an intranet

When you look out to devise a flexible work schedule, aiming to increase the productivity of the company, an intranet platform to deal with scheduling questions will turn out to be effective. The employees can discuss their schedules and working hours directly with the schedulers on the platform. They can ask questions about their work timings and request for holidays, if necessary. It will simplify the call center shifts scheduling process and help you to manage the manpower effectively.

Setting up groups of scheduling representatives

You need to up a representative group to discuss about issues related to outbound and inbound call center scheduling. Organize a meeting once a month involving these representatives and get a clear idea of the problems faced by the agents. The representatives are also to be consulted, and you can ask them what they expect to be done to eliminate the hassles. The representatives convey the decisions and opinions of the managing board to the agents.

Clarify the task and timings to the agents

This is a basic element of using the time economically, but often lacks in many organizations. You need to explain the task and timing to every executive. They may not be able to use their time productively if you do not provide them with the guidance. Make sure that no agent is idle and allocate the task to them in a way that ensures the best use of time. When the agents have a clear understanding of the timings, they can incorporate necessary changes in their working procedure to ensure optimum productivity.

The best performers should get the shift of their choice

You can use the scheduling mechanism to improve the performance of the agents. Devise a call center scheduling process, where the best performers are able to pick the shift that they are comfortable with. It will create an urge among the employees to perform better, which, in turn, will leverage the quality of their performance. In a nutshell, the quality of work in your organization will improve if you can motivate your employees to perform better. Positive motivation always enhances productivity and you should implement it without a second thought.

Explain your agents why you decline their preferred shift requests

The agents should be informed why they are not being allowed to get their preferred shifts. It will urge them to comply with the necessary clauses, so that they can enjoy their preferred shift. It will also prevent them from requesting other managers to arrange the desired shifts for them. It might cause problems within your operational infrastructure if they approach a different manager and get their desired shift. Keep the reasoning clear and explain your agents why they are not getting the shifts they prefer.

Automate the work after calls

An effective way to increase the productivity of your company is to automate the work of the agents after the calls are over. It will do away with the wastage of time; this strategy is what a typical call center service provider in India always implements. You may set up a timeout system, which compels the agent to be ready for the next call within a particular time. You may also do away with the process, where the agents select the reasons and sub reasons for interaction. It will deliver a boost to the productive hours.

Every floor should always have a team leader

You may create a chart, where the names of floor managers and their corresponding timings of supervision are displayed in every floor. Their number extensions are also to be displayed in the chart, so that they can forward calls to them without any hassle. They should have a clear understanding of the process and know whom to contact, if necessary. It will save a substantial amount of time and simplify the working infrastructure. The charts should be visible to every agent and help them to contact the floor manager instantly.

Make the agents aware of the impacts

You should try to measure your intraday service level agreement (SLA) and the beginning and end of a day. This will give you an idea of the effectiveness of your call center scheduling strategies. Besides, this can be used in the meetings, where you can monitor whether the current schedule is productive or requires change.

Floors should have the scheduler’s photo

Place the scheduler’s photo on every floor. It delivers a more human-feeling to the agents who contact them. Agents will have a better perception of the person they are contacting, rather than feeling that they are requesting a faceless person for their preferred shift.

Follow these guidelines to make a better use of your resources and time. All the agents should be completely engaged during their working hours; this is what successful companies offering BPO call center services do. Streamline your operational process by incorporating these changes in your organization and start seeing amazing results.


4 important industries where a bilingual call-centre is mandatory

Business firms have globalized rapidly in the last few decades, thanks to technology and industrialization. Demographic as well as time differences have almost disappeared owing to internet growth and various other forms of technology. Companies need to keep in touch with their customers all time round the clock, as the latter expects companies to be available for service even during holidays and odd hours.

You need to reach out to your customers in the language they are comfortable with. Bilingual call centers make it possible for business firms to get across to their customers seamlessly. Companies having demographically and culturally diverse customers rely on bilingual customer support centres to a substantial extent.

If you are willing to ease up the process of communication for your global customers, assistance from a bilingual call centre will definitely be a valuable asset for you. Companies usually partner with these service providers to ensure their customer satisfaction. Availing the services of a bilingual answering service call center indicates that you are relying on expert assistance to deal with your customers. Thus, you can benefit supreme quality services. .

Well, as said, it is crucial to establish a bond with your customers. You need to communicate to them in the language they are comfortable with. It will help your business to grow and enhance its brand image. Thus, you will be able to expand your business in different locations of the world and among different communities and groups. In a nutshell, it will promote your business strategies prolifically. Specialized professionals at these call centres assist you to enhance the relationship with customers.

Here, you will find the top four industries where bilingual call centres play a crucial role. If you deal with any of these businesses, make sure to partner with a reputed customer support call center.

Online retail companies


Ecommerce companies have flourished in various sectors of business. People are increasingly becoming accustomed with online shopping. Online business is easy and fast, provided you have a reliable customer support desk. In case you have an online retail business, you need to partner a reliable company specializing in bilingual call center services.

Your customers hail from different parts of the globe. When you want to grow your business, reputation matters a lot. You need to provide customers with logistical support like international shipping. In order to preserve this reputation and capitalize on it, you should hire customer support representatives from a call center specialized in at least two languages- English and their local language.

Irrespective of the where your customers are from, they will receive perfect professional support if you choose the right customer support people.

Hospitality and tourism


Tourism and hospitality are two of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. These sectors require bilingual call centre support, therefore, you need the right service providers at your disposal. If you deal with travel agencies, resorts, hotels, restaurants and other related businesses, you need to approach a reliable partner to facilitate proper communication in most professional tone.

Travellers look out for seamless services to enjoy their holidays. Differences in language may turn out to be a key hindrance in pleasing them. Evidently, you cannot do the needful without expert support in these aspects. For all aspects associated with hospitality and tourism, customer support is crucial and it has to be kept in mind. 

Transportation solutions


Transportation industry is closely associated with tourism. This industry, too, has grown remarkably over time. Bilingual call centres support travellers to avail transportation benefits when they travel. They bridge you with your customers and eliminate communication gaps. In order to ensure a hassle-free mobility for your customers, you need to hire the services of a reputed company specializing in the field. To facilitate your customers with flexible services, you should look out for experienced companies offering call center outsourcing services. Passengers may seek your services in order to enjoy a safe ride. Therefore, you should arrange for the required communication infrastructure to prevent possible loopholes in the system.

In case the commuters look for support at your desk, you should be able to cater to their demands. Experts working at bilingual call centres link these gaps and boost up your business. You also gain in terms of reputation and brand image.

Banking and finance


Finance and banking is one of the foremost industries that require bilingual customer support including Spanish call center services. The professionals on these platforms need to update their customers on monetary matters. The customers of these companies look forward to warrant their security. Financial institutions try to understand the needs of their customers. In order to do away with communication problems, you need to count on reliable service providers who provide bilingual customer support services at affordable costs.

It is very important to maintain a good relationship with your customers. Therefore, you need a specialized team of professionals who are adroit in communicating with them in the way they would love. You can maintain an impressive rapport with your clients when you have the support from experts. Bank only on those service providers having a good track record to enjoy better results in terms of conversions and customer loyalty.

Social Media Virtual Assistant- a wise investment

Starting social channels, building and maintaining them is never a cakewalk. You have to invest time and there should be dedication as well as patience. When you seek assistance of a specialized social media virtual assistant, the campaigns run creatively and professionally. Let us scrutinize in detail.

social media virtual assistant services

You become more reliable

When you have presence in social networking platforms, you are considered authentic and real people doing business; people hate those who hide behind obscurity. A person reaching your website need not buy from you always. Higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates attributes mainly to the lack of trust. But by having social media buttons on your web page and by being active online, your prospects tend to trust you more.

Reach a wider dimension

With almost everyone having an account in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. making your presence felt there can surely win you measurable benefits. You voice as well as content can be well displayed. This makes you more accessible to new potential customers. Also, you gain more popularity and people talk about you.

Stay ahead of the competition

If you are yet to associate with a professional SMM virtual assistant, it is important to be aware of the fact that a king part of your competitors already have made deal with VAs and their business is grabbing more portions from your target sections. It’s all about building relationships, nurturing them and growing your business. It is always better to start at the earliest to overthrow your competitors.

Show the industry authority

Frequently interacting reveals to your prospects that you care about them. Also you can write blogs and share them in different platforms. If it is interesting, you will definitely get more traffic to your websites. Also, your knowledge in the domain is exposed and thus authority is established. Most of the virtual assistant companies have content writers with them who can study your business and come up with impactful blogs to invoke the curiosity of readers.

Get amazing SEO benefits

Social signals are considered with more reverence by search engines including Google. When the companies offering best virtual assistant services are hired, they will make the maximum benefit out of this fact. The experts will use right keywords at right places to increase the favouritism of Google towards your web presence. Organic traffic is always a pleasure to have.

PGBS offers great quality virtual assistant social media management. The company houses a vibrant band of experts having deep and updated knowledge about the way social media platforms work and how their features can be leveraged for the maximum favour of customers. They know the differences between each platform, identity the best one suiting your needs and tactically work towards winning you maximum visitors and enhanced conversion rates.

If you want any services related to social media management, get in touch with our virtual assistance team and know about different packages offered. 

Metrics to gauge efficiency of call center services

Businesses these days rely hugely on call centers and it is obvious. As the competition is soaring on a continual rate, it has now become imperative for businesses to maintain a strong customer base and gain new ones. Meeting their precise demands is mandatory and no stones should be left unturned for that.

However as the call centers are rapidly growing, managers of a typical contact center solutions company seem to have realized the inevitability to streamline their technology structures and share a multi-channel, shared platform all throughout the company. The managers are now concentrating more towards the impending road map and are unceasingly analyzing their effort towards enhanced administrative goals. All these have ultimately paved way for contact center bench marking.


Contact center bench marking is an analytical and well-structured method for performance scrutiny by comparing yourself with other competitors based on several performance metrics. If precisely and effectually implemented, it helps the administrators to augment their processes to power finest practices for upholding competitive advantage.  Underlying are the basic parameters that you should unfailingly consider.

Agent Utilization:

Agent utilization can be defined as the time your agents are on productive work percentage divided by total time logged in by them. This is a key metric for workforce planning as well as efficiency evaluating. Increasing agent utilization may reduce costs but it can adversely impact the quality; top call centres stay away from doing so.  Again the cost is increased as the turnover of agents increases owing to increased workloads ultimately causing higher agent burnout rates.

First Call Resolution

Customer satisfaction and FCR are very closely related. Studies reveal that improvement in FCR is almost directly proportional to the customer satisfaction. Enhanced FCR paves way for improved effectiveness. If followed perfectly, quality can be maintained in customer calls while keeping the costs reduced.

Abandonment rate:

Rate of abandonment can be defined as the amount of callers putting down the phone before being answered by an agent. This points towards the ineffectiveness of workforce. Recent study puts light on the fact that more than 50% of customers consider 60 seconds to be too long to wait. More than one-fourth of the customers/prospects want customer executives to respond immediately without any delay. With the growth of contact centers, the number of calls incoming also increases and this in turn increases the hold times. Managers should monitor the situation carefully and curative steps should be taken for minimizing churn rate and customer frustration.

Wrap-up Time:
It is time taken by agents post reception of call to finish the task the call demands. Best customer experience can be availed only if you are fortified with the best team of customer support executives. Contact center organizations needs to exhibit effectiveness across all facets. You need to timely track down inefficient agents and either train them or replace them with efficient resources.  Sorting out the inefficient agents can be done with ease by examining the wrap-up time as well as call pattern. Using speech analytics can surely help the agents.

CSAT score:

CSAT score denotes the measure of achieved customer satisfaction from a specific service. It is a cumbersome task as it involves intricacies related to measuring and scaling attitudes. Procuring responses and scrutinizing suggestions are really important. Getting a customer is far easier than retaining a loyal pool of customers. Take regular surveys and collect customer feedbacks. CSAT in fact reveals the exact areas to concentrate on for companies offering call center services.

The above parameters can be highly operative. However based on the uniqueness of your contact center, more or less can be applicable.

Seven things for which you can rely on virtual assistants

Are you stressed with workload? Have you started forgetting important things? Do you feel that things can’t anymore be handled alone? Again, are you worried that hiring a professional service provider on a permanent basis may not be viable? In such a situation, outsource to virtual assistant your requirements; this would be the best thing to do. However, there are certain things businesses normally outsource. Let us see 7 of the most popularly outsourced requirements.


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7 wonderful tips for choosing the right call center service provider


Call center services provide immense support to customers by dealing with their issues related to a product or service. But what makes selection of the right company a confusing task is the availability of a number of services. Underlying tips will guide you on selecting the most suited outsourcing partner for your requirement.

  1. Stack up your requirements


Before you get in touch with third party call center service providers, you should have a good idea of the requirements. Only those who fulfill your criteria must be considered. This way your business can narrow down the options and that can be extremely helpful.

  1. Get feedback from others in the field


Friends, relatives or other businesses can help you in judging how a particular company performs. If you get a satisfactory testimonial then you can wave green flag to the endorsed outsourcing agent.

  1. Verification of resources


It is important to know about the current support status and service limit of a call center to gauge their performance. If their scalability is up to the expectations, then your business is in safe hands. Technology certifications and language proficiency can also be tested during the verification process. 

  1. CRM and social media integration

If you have decided on a particular company then it is time to speak about managing databases. Successful businesses require efficient manipulation of databases. It will be really helpful if your call center can merge seamlessly with the CRM that you are working on. Social media integration also has to be addressed.

  1. Location centered selection


To provide seamless support it is inevitable to have smooth communication in between. It is not always mandatory that the service provider you have deployed is at a location which suits your business or where more users are targeted. If the company can assure excellence and effective communication channels, all time round the clock, then there are no needs to worry.

  1. Security and integrity issues discussion

data protection

Communication management and usage of database details must be discussed very seriously with the authorities. A small security loophole can cause catastrophic effect on customer service. It is wise to dig into their technology and check its redundancy. Regulatory standards that your company meets have to be met by the service provider.

  1. Speak about the financial burden

Business discussion

It is advised to check with the monetary terms before moving the pen to the dotted line. If your considered company charges you unreasonably higher prices, stay away from the trap. Costly services are not always the best. Ask quotations from few of the preferred call center service providers to be on the safe zone. 

Double checking numerical values and profile will help business analysts to gain further insight into the working of a company. Outsourcing services providers offer excellent service and zero downtime since they are equipped to face any threats.

Choosing between a continuity and disaster management plan

Many entrepreneurs actually don’t know the variations between a continuity plan and a disaster recovery plan. Backing up your firm’s important data helps you during system down time and assist with optimal protection of data. Here we will discuss the difference and need to choose between the two procedures.

A business disaster recovery plan helps you to recover from situations that make operations void. On the other hand with a Backup and Discovery Plan, your precious business data is mirrored so that you have a proper backup to continue. Situations occur when data servers are beyond repair either due to electrical hazards or acts of nature. With a backup disposition even if a disaster occurs you will be able to use the mirror data and continue operation albeit on a slower pace. Whichever was the last backup, it would be taken into account. Recovery time is an important objective while choosing Backup Plans. In shorts, the amount of time spent to recover mission critical data is what differentiates a robust operational continuity and DRP from a lame one.

A Business Continuity Idea ensures smooth flow of your business even during disasters. It accomplishes the task by assuring critical functions all the time. A Business Continuity Plan needs to be spontaneous in its function. Exceptional BC tactics operate on two fronts. Continuity in case of a disaster is one aspect while preparing the appropriate measures for backing up the alive processes is another. Whatever strategy is chosen the period of recovery must be very small for business to be back on track. It is accomplished by deploying strategic planning and trained employees. A solution that fits processes and their function needs to be acquired for smooth functioning.

Tips of disaster recovery by expert service providers usually assist companies by providing efficient backup support and continuity. Finding the apt solution to reduce downtime is an important feature of any commercial entity.