How outsourcing destinations in India supersedes Philippines?

It is a fact beyond debate that Asia is the most preferred continent when it comes to outsourcing. Reasons for the favoritism includes cost-effectiveness, command over English language, skilled workforce and a lot more. Though there are many players in the market, the main competition has always been between the outsourcing destinations in India and those in Philippines.

Let us see how India wins over Philippines in regard of different service requirements that are outsourced.


Technology oriented services

Today, with the growth of technology, outsourcing tasks are mainly technology integrated. Philippines is considered to be mainly focused on voice-based solutions provisions as their population is known for its amazing American accent. The pitfall is that, they lack the expertise for appropriate integration of technology into such solutions. Outsourcing companies in India on the other hand already have a good reputation in software technology niche.

Sales oriented services

Customer care centres are no more those old white elephants but these days they are regarded as profit hubs. In the scenario where businesses are looking forward to transform their call centres into profit generating hubs, its more about sales than mere support. The country that is primarily focused towards availing voice based support is yet to specialize in adding that sales element. Big fishes in the business world believe because of obvious reasons that India is better at integrating sales pitch into its support services. 

Ecommerce services

Ecommerce is gaining immense popularity and this has thus paved way for more outsourcing. For eCommerce businesses, not just the customer support is included but also a lot of other aspects like logistics, bandwidth and software expertise are there. Philippines mainly offers BPO services and has still not stabilized itself as a reliable destination offering eCommerce related business solutions. The fact that Amazon, one of the most renowned and chief e-tailing company is all set to open its largest software centre in Hyderabad testifies the upper hand India has over other outsourcing hubs.

Voice based services

Philippines surely enjoy huge credibility by delivering impeccable class of voice based solutions among different global outsourcing firms. However, when the present trend is considered, it’s not just about voice based assistance. Other channels like social media, chat and technical support etc. too are relevant. This in fact makes India a better option and it can be gain more momentum.

Cloud based services

Automation has taken charge in many domains and offshore outsourcing services these days are being highly sourced from cloud. Philippines is fast developing its infrastructure to stay in demand. At the same time, India already has dedicated cables undersea for delivering BPaaS.

In view of the above, it can be definitely concluded that opting for outsourcing services in India is a wiser choice. PGBS is a preferred and proven destination for all your outsourcing requirements. Contact us today itself to know more in detail.

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