Some great tools that helps you to deal with messy data

One among the major pitfalls of big open data trend is that a lot of providers have shunned away from placing it in good formats. This makes it important to clean the data and for the same there are several really effectual tools that most of the service providers in India use.

Find and Replace

The most commonly used and in fact the basic option people go with is find and replace. If the replacements are done carefully it is sure that a fairly clean and good format is obtained.

Regular Expressions

Sometimes even when patterns are seen in a file, precise character matches can’t be found. In such situations most ideal tool preferred by Indian companies is the Regular Expressions tool.


Though the above mentioned two tools are recommended by most of the outsourcing Indian service providers, when there is a need to do calculations or perform any operations on per column basis, the said tools may not help. This is where spreadsheet software emerges as the alternative solution as it enables you to do logic and math with present values.

Data Wrangler

One more highlysuggested tool is Data Wrangler. It automatically and spontaneously find out the patterns in data on the basis of things selected. Then it makes genuine suggestions regarding what activities has to be done with the patterns. As it follows a continuous learning process, the suggestion system keeps on improving.

All the above mentioned tools overlap when it comes to the functions they perform. Most of the times, best results are obtained when a judicious combination of different tools are used for cleansing.

Only an expert Indian service provider offering data enrichment and cleansing services can make sure that these tools are effectively used. So before outsourcing, you should do proper research work.