How can small businesses benefit from outsourcing back office?

Today, a large section of business firms entrust their back-office responsibilities to third party companies for developing a well-organized business infrastructure. Dedicated back office support services can enhance the productivity of any business. Hence it is wise to approach an established back office service provider and outsource your services to them. This will keep your employees more focussed on the core activities.

Different types of back office outsourcing you can opt for

Specialization in accomplishing particular tasks enhances the productivity of the unit. When you outsource certain tasks to the service providers, it eases up the pressure on your inhouse employees. This helps them to accomplish their duties without any other concern. Moreover, the dedicated personnel dealing with your back office responsibilities can handle these tasks better than your employees could do. It is necessary to reach out to a company with dedicated back office support solutions. The reliable service providers adhere to the recommendations provided by their clients while delivering services.

Here, you will come to know about the types of back office services that you can outsource.

Virtual/Personal assistant

You can hire a personal assistant, or outsource your tasks to them. These professionals work remotely, closely collaborating with the business firms from a different area. Experienced virtual assistants can ease up your task to a great extent.

Check this PDF to know about list of tasks that you can outsource to virtual assistant.


With the rise in the volume of eCommerce business, companies are seeking marketing services from reputed third party entities. These companies deliver a comprehensive range of services to their clients. They handle responsibilities such as updating web stores, online marketing, social media marketing and so on. These are important aspects of digital marketing, which is crucial for the success of any business firm in the digitized business world. You can get across to one of the reputed offshore outsourcing companies for online marketing services.

Customer support

This is one of the areas most of the companies need a professional and dedicated support. Customers are the assets of your business, so you need to come up with the necessary support mechanism for them. Both established companies and startups outsource their customer support services to other call center companies. In case your inhouse staff has to shoulder these responsibilities, they will not be able to focus on the new customers. Outsourcing these services to a dedicated bench ensures that they can engage with the existing customers, while you cater to the requirements of the new clients. With this additional manpower, you can tackle the customer calls with a greater efficiency. You can go for shared-agent solutions or cloud-based services, when you seek a professional assistance for these services.

Data services

Processing voluminous data is one of the most painstaking tasks for small businesses. Outsourcing your data entry services enhances the productivity to a great extent. The platforms providing back office support for small businesses come with sophisticated tools and advanced software to minimize errors while entering this data into their systems. Besides, efficient manpower ensures fast and timely processing of data. Data services include data cleansing, data processing, data mining, document management, document scanning, data capturing and other related services.

Key advantages of outsourcing your back office services

Regardless of the size of business, companies all over the world outsource their back-office services. You can benefit in various ways, when you outsource these services:

  • Save a substantial amount of effort and time.
  • Leverage your productivity
  • Make the best use of your inhouse resources
  • Get powerful business solutions within a short time
  • Get access to experienced professionals for specific tasks
  • Provide quality customer care services to your clients
  • Enjoy scalable services from the experts
  • Get higher volume of leads through effective online marketing strategies

You can approach one of the reputed companies for back office outsourcing services and give your business a boost.

How to choose the right company for back office solutions?

Before you outsource your back office services, it is necessary to assess the specialization of the firm to which you are outsourcing these services. You need to have a look at their track record to ensure quality services. Here are certain guidelines that will help you choose the right back office service providers.

Focus on the goals of your outsourcing

Well, it is necessary to focus on your goals and get the services customized, when you reach out to a third party. First of all, create a list of services that need to be outsourced. You also need to consider your budget, when you outsource these services. Organize a boardroom meeting to evaluate your expectations from the service providers. Now convey these specifications to the outsourcing company for tailored solutions.

Get a holistic solution from the vendor

You need to choose a vendor providing a comprehensive support to your business. Make sure that the company is able to tackle services related to data as well as customer support. You may also need an expert hand to deal with marketing, recruitment, accounting and general administration. Get across to a platform providing a holistic solution for your business.

Evaluate their infrastructure

The third party company providing the necessary services should have a robust infrastructure, in terms of technology and manpower. Have a look into their back-up mechanisms to deal with your tasks under emergent conditions. This ensures that your services will remain uninterrupted. They should have a reliable security infrastructure and equipment on their platform.

Compliance with the regulations

In case you are planning to outsource your back office services to an offshore company, take care to ensure that they comply with the legal regulations. Get across to a vendor with all the certificates and licenses needed to operate the business. The vendor should have the necessary capabilities to provide you with an adequate support.

Evaluate your agreements

The service provider should sign the Service Level Agreements with their clients. You should complete the paperwork and evaluate the terms and conditions. Focus on the indicator reports that might be released on monthly, weekly or daily basis. You should get access to all the metrics to evaluate the performance of the service provider.

Type of customer support you need

It is necessary to understand the types of back office services, before you get across to a firm and outsource them. The vendor should assign a team, dedicated for your services. Besides, the reputed service providers assign a relationship manager, who interacts with their clients; understand their needs and delivers tailored services. Choose the outsourcing company according to the type of services you need.

Seek tailored services

A generic solution for your back-office services is not the solution in the competitive business environment. Seek highly customized services from the outsourcing company to meet your specific needs. The vendor should be able to tailor the services according to your requirements. Get across to a reputed platform, where the experts deal with each client individually and cater to their requirements.

Communicate and collaborate

A close collaboration between the clients and the service providers work out well. You need to convey your needs to the outsourcing company. When you convey your specifications to the experts, they can provide you with the necessary solutions. A good communication system ensures that no ambiguity creeps in the process, ensuring optimum satisfaction for the client.

Request for quality reports

When you outsource your back-office services, you should be able to assess their standard of work. Request for quality reports from time to time. Keeping an eye on the quality ensures an optimum return of your investment. Generating quality reports also reduces the chances of disagreements with the vendor.

Measure your ROI by conducting audits

It is necessary to assess the ROI, when you outsource your back-office services. Conduct audits on a regular basis to measure the returns coming in over the time. Various tools are available to evaluate the performance of the service providers. The company should make these resources readily available to you. This will help you to enhance the productivity of your business.

Outsourcing your non-core services ensures an increased output from your end. Reach out to one of the established back office outsourcing companies and entrust them with these services. A dedicated support at the other end can bolster your business.


Most Essential Tips for Animation

We have picked up few guidelines that will prove to be of real help for those into cartoon animation or in any other segment of animation industry. Out of many, we have condensed down some very important animation tips and tricks that every animator should be aware of.

With the rise in technological development, the animation production companies in the industry are very keen that their animators and graphic designers work with upgraded digital tools and applications. While many still bank on the traditional animation formats and style, it is always better to make use of the advanced technology to be in the race. In this highly creative field, it is very essential to work within a time constraint and to give excellent results.

These days, the market is flooded with a lot of companies offering animation services using a myriad of animation software; however, they might make a hole into one’s pocket and also turn out of to be time consuming. As mentioned earlier, there are really some easy yet effective character animation tips that one needs to keep in mind while handling character animation projects.

One at a time

Never overdo stuff. It is always better to work with one phase at a time. Concentrating on one shot will improve the output and the animator can focus on every tiny detail to enhance the shot. Create gradually and develop frame by frame animation portions to achieve satisfactory results.

Work less on the contact

While working on action sequences, for instance, one should be more focused on the whole picture rather than stressing too much on the points of contact. One must seamlessly concentrate on the actions as a whole and rework later on those areas when the body parts come into contact with each other.  This applies in case of both 2D animation and 3D animation.

Playblasts are time consuming

Most animators would agree that enough time is lost while waiting to have a glance about their creations. Playblasts or preview shows are not always feasible if one has deadlines to keep; nevertheless they would be keen to get an idea of their render quality before the animation hits the stands. This issue can be solved by adding a layer in the working frame and having a preview of the main character alone by switching off the layers with other elements around it. However, for some full length film rigs, this option won’t work. So in such cases it is better to avoid repeated rendering and instead, do quality check when playblasts are going on.

It’s not about poses but motion

While dealing with facial expressions animation, one can notice that it is the outcome of the emotions that face gives out through certain feelings and moods. Hence there is no need to fret on focusing on the body poses in order to sync with the facial gestures. Without limbs or facial features, one can make their characters emote and give apt emotions through movements of the face. Computer facial animation could be tricky but one need to concentrate on subtle points to get the right emotions through right gestures.

Cut the dialogue

Believe it or not, to get best results, professionals in a typical animation company in India work with scenes without using dialogues.  When working with a dialogue shot, always mute the speech part and perfect your character’s traits and body languages. Once you feel it is done, take feedback by showing the output, without dialogues. If the viewer cannot relate the situation and actions, you need to rework on the emotions and improve the body language further to get the desired effect. Your character’s feel should completely match with that of the dialogue and this can be achieved only by muting the dialogues while working.

Beware of Mirror

While doing a lip sync using a mirror one needs to be very cautious since small miscalculation can mar the character as a whole. In this process, divide and follow. Have separate passes and work on each lip sync using a mirror. That is, it will be easier to focus either on lips or jaws at a time.

Flaws are fun

Too much of perfection is not good. To break the monotony you have to infuse some flaws in the character or create some hurdles so that the story is engaging and keeps the viewers hooked till the end.

Mocap awareness

Learning is a lifelong exercise. It is never too late to learn something new, especially if it is something related to one’s professional field. It is essential to keep oneself updated about latest computer animation software and digital applications. And one of them is the Mocap Data. Motion Capture is an animation process used to record human movements or actions digitally and then, this data is mapped in 3D over a character. In this age, an animation concept artist must be aware of this tool and needs to have a brush of it. For, you may never know when it might come handy.

Mark problem areas

Try as much as you can; but there will be some flaws in certain portions which might not be avoidable. For this, mark this portion using bookend. Select all the controls as well as setting keys around that spot and delete the offending keys. This way you can secure the other areas from getting affected.

Smaller the better

With practice comes perfection. Similarly take small steps rather than big ones to avoid confusion and frustration. While preparing oneself for professional front, always use short length shots for personal learning exercise. It is easy to manage, easier to perfect your skills in detail and quicker to evaluate and improvise.

A brief guide on typesetting your own book

It’s the cover of a book that creates initial impression in the minds of the readers. However, typesetting has a powerful effect on the visual impact beyond the cover and determines the success of the book to a large extent. The design of the pages of a book has a psychological impact on the readers and it is important to focus on the typesetting of your book. There are a category of writers who want to keep the writing and publishing processes under their control. Besides, they want to come up with some cost-friendly self-publishing process. However, typesetting being a technical art, it becomes a challenge for the self-publishing authors. Well, a number of typesetting software have been developed over the years to ease up the process.

brief guide on typesetting
Typesetting Tips

Importance of typesetting

It is necessary to keep a check on the typographical and grammatical errors. Similarly, designing flaws create a negative impression among the readers. The readers get distracted and they get interrupted from the actual reading process if the book comes with designing mistakes. It disrupts the tone, pace, and atmosphere of reading. Evidently, typesetting ensures that the flow of words in the book remains unhindered and the reader gets a better experience.

Typesetting involves choosing the content and relevant font for the book. It also includes the margins, which must not be too big or too small. It is necessary to reduce the extra white space in the pages and eliminate the ladders. In fact, there are countless book typesetting tips. Well, every book does not require a professional typesetter. The interior designs in the traditional novels are generally straightforward. The author can deal with these designs most of the time. Integrating the necessary software, they design the interiors. However, picture books for children, comic books, cookbooks, graphic novels and other such books are complex and the typesetting has to be done by any of the professional typesetting companies. This ensures that all the visuals remain clean and appealing, and go well with the content.

Read on to know about certain DIY software, that you can use for the typesetting in books with the complex as well as simple interior designs. If you are someone looking forward to self-publish your book, underlying details would hold immense relevance for you.

Reedsy Book Editor

This is a free software, used for typesetting and has gained popularity among self-publishing authors. It was launched in 2016 and delivers a professional look to the book. The software incorporates both the interior formatting features of a layout software and the elements of MS Word in the designing process. Even if the user does not possess any design knowledge, the task becomes simplified. You can get templates, customized for your purpose and the automatic typesetting in the software ensures a hassle-free designing process. The books designed using the software are compatible with most of the eBook stores and can be printed without any glitches.

However, the software has certain drawbacks, in terms of customization. This is the reason why its use generally remains limited to the designing of simple notification books and fiction books.


Vellum is popular typesetting software and is used extensively by the self-publishing authors. The Word files simply have to be imported in order to design the interiors. The customization options in this software are greater than those in Reedsy’s Book Editor. However, this software is also limited to simple textbooks. It cannot be used for heavy tasks. The software comes with different ‘Book Styles’. This enables the users to incorporate unique designs and templates for pages that are copyrighted, standard materials in the front and back and in the about the author section. The drawback of the software is that is suitable only for the Mac users. The users can download it for free, but have to pay while generating the book.


Although this is known to be a distribution platform for eBooks, you can get a free formatting tool for typesetting. This was revamped in 2017 in order to provide more customization features to the users. You need to upload the Word manuscript, provide the specifications for chapter breaks and highlight the titles of the chapters. The software adds the content table, customize the designs in the front and back and ensures that the book is compatible with most of the digital stores. The typesetting process is easy and free. The software encourages the users to use their service while distributing the eBook. However, you can leave after receiving the files, if you want.

Adobe InDesign

Professionals offering typesetting services for your book and even the traditional publishers use Adobe InDesign for typesetting. This is one of the most powerful software for the purpose and comes with a wide range of features. However, you will require proper training to use the software.

Bookwright by Blurb

This is a free typesetting software, required for books that have heavy visual components. The layout on each page can be customized, using the software and you can easily add photo boxes and texts, according to your requirements. You can also pick templates for specific genres when you use the software. If you are publishing a photo book or book with illustrations at low costs, this software can be of great help.

 In case you are planning to self-publish your book, you need to invest on it at the outset, either in terms of learning to use a new software, or arranging for the money to pay for the software. When you format your book on your own, the prices remain low. However, you need to hire a professional typesetter for higher standards of design.  But still, if you want to try, make sure that you are well acquainted with at least some of the basic professional typesetting tips.

Tips to hire a professional typesetter

If you are looking for an option of typesetter for hire for your book, you need to count on a professional who has got a good understanding of your work.  Look out for a typesetter, experienced in a certain genre. This will enable them to understand the concept of the book and leverage the presentation through their market-oriented knowledge. The designer should work in close collaboration with the author. Get across to a designer with an established reputation. Communication ensures the exchange of ideas and their implementation. Well, you can reach out to the professional typesetting companies to integrate the desired design in your book.

Migrating from Flash courses to HTML5? Here’s a handy checklist for you

Flash had been the first choice for eLearning courses for long, until HTML5 found its way to the top. Although Flash had several useful features in it, it had its own flaws as well. For instance, Flash could not enable users to read eBooks on mobile devices. With advancement in technology, these flaws have been identified and HTML5 has come up to eliminate the loopholes. With HTML5 around, it is possible to read documents on mobile devices, which has leveraged the experience of the learners to a great extent. If you are willing to move into the eLearning ecosystem supported by HTML5, it is necessary to assess the cost at the outset. It involves a significant expenditure and the most vital part is the planning process.

flash to html5 migration checklist
Flash to HTML5 migration checklist

Before you proceed with Flash to HTML5 migration, you should adopt a definite approach towards the process. Here, you will come across a useful checklist that will enable you to plan the conversion of Flash to HTML5.

Create a list including all the courses to be converted

The first step, where you need to create a list of the desired courses to be converted, is the most important one. Here, one has to identify the courses based on Flash before the conversion process starts. Well, you may be interested in converting a few courses initially, before going ahead with your main project. It is wise to test the response of the learners with a few sample courses. Therefore, you should convert only a few selected courses based on Flash to HTML5 elearning and study the response. If you get the desired response, you can carry on with the rest.

 Keep all the source files in the same place

Gathering the source files is the second-most important task to accomplish. Source files refer to those files that are used by a developer to create the eLearning material. Then, they export these to develop the final course. In case a third-party content digital conversion services provider or an in-house development team develops your eLearning courses, you should ensure that all related source files are compiled at the outset. All your resources, media and text will be included in these source files. When you have all the source files in a single place, it makes the migration process smooth and hassle-free.

Identify what you need-complete redesign or just technology update?

Well, it is necessary to identify what you exactly need. While certain legacy courses need an update in technology, others call for a complete redesign. It is important to evaluate these requirements, before you commence with the conversion process. This has a direct influence in the costs incurred in the process. You should create a chart, prioritizing the needs when you plan for flash to html5 conversion. Here’s a case in point that will enable you to understand the process with clarity.

  • Recently developed courses may not require an entire visual overhaul; you may simply update the technology in these eLearning courses.
  • Compliance courses will be fine with a simple visual uplifting.
  • In case of legacy courses, you will have to restructure them completely. This includes the instructional design as well.

Focus on converting long courses into shorter ones for mobile learning

Learners want the courses to be brief, but with maximum utility. Timecrunch is a concern for every learner, so they cannot afford to spend long hours in reading these courses; this is something you must understand. Therefore, you need to evaluate converting the longer courses to shorter ones while ensuring that all vital areas are strategically incorporated. It should enable mobile learning and that too, in a short time. You must realize that the users assess eLearning materials through smartphones, tablets and other devices. Evidently, a separate approach has to be adopted for them. The learners also access training resources through these devices. This makes it necessary to design shorter but more informative courses in a comprehensive manner. A professional digital conversion company specializes in the same.

When you decide to convert the longer courses to shorter ones, it is necessary to identify the courses that contain more than 50 slides. Generally, the length of these courses is between one to two hours. You need to convert them to shorter courses that are easily digestible by the learners. These are ideal for mobile learning. As the name suggests, mobile learning points towards accessing resources for training on mobile devices that are portable in nature. Besides mobility, these devices have another key advantage for the learners. These can also be used as performance support tools (PSTs) for learners who use multi-devices. It comes handy to them who are interested in improving their skills through learning even when they remain away from training.

Selecting an authorizing tool for responsive eLearning

Developers need a tool supporting responsive eLearning to ensure that the mobile learning courses can be seamlessly accessed by all varieties of mobile devices. Through responsive eLearning, you can ensure that the learners can read the materials from all sorts of handsets efficiently. The screen sizes and other technical aspects may vary, but this should not affect their ability to read the eLearning materials. These are more adjustable in nature and this is why the courses are called ‘responsive’. Tools like Lector a Inspire, Adobe Captivate and Articulate 360 are popular among eLearning authoring tools. Mobile learning is one of the greatest advantages of HTML5 and it has been gaining popularity among the learning community. Evidently, it is important to make the courses available in their devices.

Follow this checklist to achieve most prolific outputs. However, it is always recommended to outsource your requirements to experts when you want to convert interactive swf to html5 or flash to the same.

Tips for a more efficient call center scheduling process

Seamless scheduling drives the operational mechanism of a contact centre with efficiency. You need to analyse the pressure of work and allocate the right number of executives at the right hours. It is necessary to schedule the work in a well-calculated manner, so that you can use the time economically. When properly scheduled, you can get optimum benefits from the available resources. Here are ten tips that will enable you to make the call center scheduling processes more productive.


Work on annualised hours

These days, a number of companies operate on annualised hours instead of going for overtimes and extended hours. You may hire part time agents and include both full time and part time agents in your team. When you switch to this system, you can save a lot of resources on overtime expenditure. This enables your company to get more human resources during the busy hours. When the pressure is comparatively lesser, you may decrease the manpower, according to the need of the situation.

Deal with scheduling questions through an intranet

When you look out to devise a flexible work schedule, aiming to increase the productivity of the company, an intranet platform to deal with scheduling questions will turn out to be effective. The employees can discuss their schedules and working hours directly with the schedulers on the platform. They can ask questions about their work timings and request for holidays, if necessary. It will simplify the call center shifts scheduling process and help you to manage the manpower effectively.

Setting up groups of scheduling representatives

You need to up a representative group to discuss about issues related to outbound and inbound call center scheduling. Organize a meeting once a month involving these representatives and get a clear idea of the problems faced by the agents. The representatives are also to be consulted, and you can ask them what they expect to be done to eliminate the hassles. The representatives convey the decisions and opinions of the managing board to the agents.

Clarify the task and timings to the agents

This is a basic element of using the time economically, but often lacks in many organizations. You need to explain the task and timing to every executive. They may not be able to use their time productively if you do not provide them with the guidance. Make sure that no agent is idle and allocate the task to them in a way that ensures the best use of time. When the agents have a clear understanding of the timings, they can incorporate necessary changes in their working procedure to ensure optimum productivity.

The best performers should get the shift of their choice

You can use the scheduling mechanism to improve the performance of the agents. Devise a call center scheduling process, where the best performers are able to pick the shift that they are comfortable with. It will create an urge among the employees to perform better, which, in turn, will leverage the quality of their performance. In a nutshell, the quality of work in your organization will improve if you can motivate your employees to perform better. Positive motivation always enhances productivity and you should implement it without a second thought.

Explain your agents why you decline their preferred shift requests

The agents should be informed why they are not being allowed to get their preferred shifts. It will urge them to comply with the necessary clauses, so that they can enjoy their preferred shift. It will also prevent them from requesting other managers to arrange the desired shifts for them. It might cause problems within your operational infrastructure if they approach a different manager and get their desired shift. Keep the reasoning clear and explain your agents why they are not getting the shifts they prefer.

Automate the work after calls

An effective way to increase the productivity of your company is to automate the work of the agents after the calls are over. It will do away with the wastage of time; this strategy is what a typical call center service provider in India always implements. You may set up a timeout system, which compels the agent to be ready for the next call within a particular time. You may also do away with the process, where the agents select the reasons and sub reasons for interaction. It will deliver a boost to the productive hours.

Every floor should always have a team leader

You may create a chart, where the names of floor managers and their corresponding timings of supervision are displayed in every floor. Their number extensions are also to be displayed in the chart, so that they can forward calls to them without any hassle. They should have a clear understanding of the process and know whom to contact, if necessary. It will save a substantial amount of time and simplify the working infrastructure. The charts should be visible to every agent and help them to contact the floor manager instantly.

Make the agents aware of the impacts

You should try to measure your intraday service level agreement (SLA) and the beginning and end of a day. This will give you an idea of the effectiveness of your call center scheduling strategies. Besides, this can be used in the meetings, where you can monitor whether the current schedule is productive or requires change.

Floors should have the scheduler’s photo

Place the scheduler’s photo on every floor. It delivers a more human-feeling to the agents who contact them. Agents will have a better perception of the person they are contacting, rather than feeling that they are requesting a faceless person for their preferred shift.

Follow these guidelines to make a better use of your resources and time. All the agents should be completely engaged during their working hours; this is what successful companies offering BPO call center services do. Streamline your operational process by incorporating these changes in your organization and start seeing amazing results.

Importance of 3D modeling services for mechanical 3D product visualization

Technologies have evolved over the years, and new strategies of business have hit the market. One of the most effective technical developments in the designing and engineering industry has been the advent of 3D modeling. Three-dimensional modeling offers clear and accurate details of product details through the creation of 3d prototype design. The experts create a model of products for studying the features, explaining them to the clients and detecting flaws in their mechanism.


3D modeling saves a lot of cost by eliminating mistakes, besides utilizing the available time in the right manner. The designers are immensely benefitted by these models, created by the rapid photography process. They enhance the understanding of mechanical dimension and hence, add to better clarity and interpretation.

As prototyping requires specialization, seasoned professionals are often associated with the leading companies. The manufacturing firms outsource their services to these professionals and simplify their task. 3d modeling services are used by the engineers and designers in the conceptual stage itself, creating the prototypes of products they are going to manufacture. The product in development can be advanced accurately if the designers have an operational model of the same right from the outset. Therefore, it is necessary for the designers and engineers to incorporate this technology in the production process.

In earlier times, prototyping of products was not possible through 3D visualization. As a result, the companies suffered both from delays and inaccuracy. This process makes the production simplified, adding proficiency to their production mechanism.

Benefits of 3D modeling in the field of mechanical product design can be analysed as follows

  • Complete construction drawings are available for the real estate firms and other production industries, which enables their engineers to clarify the structure and dimension of the buildings and other products.
  • Rapid verification of different designs is possible against design rules and technical specifications.
  • The creation of delicate wire-frames has become precise and acute. With 3d product visualization, it is possible to picture the intricate details even before the final product is developed.
  • Designers and engineers are able to view bi-directional parametric values. Drawings, assemblies, mass properties, etc. are interlinked in a clear manner.
  • Designing of assemblies has become much more simplified and the experts can find sets of various components and other assemblies in the process.
  • Examining of kinematics has become trouble-free. Clearance in assemblies and interference, too, has become easy.

Why are industries adopting 3D modeling for their production process?

In the real manufacturing scenario, prototyping is being widely adopted to eliminate complicated interpretation process. During the testing phase of these prototypes, mechanical modeling offers substantial assistance by producing a number of prototypes efficiently. It is fast and saves considerable production time as well.

In fact, real prototyping of models using the available resources is cost-intensive in nature. It may involve the processes of retooling, re-designing and recreation of prototypes, as chances of mistake are high. 3D models are easy to edit, and they are highly effective when the process of trial and error is involved. Even when the first model does not live up to the standards, or changes are necessary, the specialists simply alter the design and cuts down the cost. Therefore, it is evident that mechanical 3d modeling is highly beneficial in terms of cost, efficiency and time. You need not create a real model of your products at all; the 3D image will serve the purpose. The internal and external details of products are clearly visible, so chances of mistakes are diminished. This is the key reason behind the popularity of 3D modeling technology and its incorporation in different production industries is likely to increase in future.

Restoration of vintage photographs- Doing it the Photoshop way

There are many reasons why people want to restore vintage photographs. They are proofs of the eras that have gone by. They might even act as an historical reference to those times. For the subjects of such photographs and their family, such photos also have a bounty of emotions attached to them.

Memories of generations are kept safe in the forms of little trinkets or photographs from the past. Photographs from the old era normally carry a lot of emotional value. Vintage photographs represent a beautiful era where everything was very different from the way it is now. Photography used to be an elaborate process in those days. The equipment was different and not very commonly available. This is why, the photographs of that time represent special or important occasions and this is another reason why we should make a conscious effort to restore old damaged photographs.

Since digital photography was not there at that time, the manner of saving these photos was very different from what it is today. The camera reel had to be developed and all such photos used to be taken to their owner. The photographs that used to be taken would be kept safely in beautiful photo albums. Nice as this concept is and even though it is still widely in practice, there are some problems that crop up with storing photos in this way. Albums are not opened every day and as time passes, these photos tend to get stuck to each other and when one tries to separate them, they may get slightly or completely damaged in the process. This is a very common problem in case of vintage photographs that have been kept in photo albums. Another problem is that since the photos in earlier days were developed using ink and paper of lower quality, they get subject to wear and tears. This meant scratches or marks on the photo surface, curling up of the sides and fading of the photo itself.

With the advent of digital photographs and high-quality photography equipment, this is no longer a problem. Instead of developing the photos, people now prefer to get them printed. This is also cheaper and quicker than getting an entire reel developed. Various tools have now been introduced that aim to restore, fix or correct the damage that has been sustained by vintage photographs. Sometimes, you have to finally convert to black and white photos so that perfection is achieved. Adobe Photoshop and AKVIS Retoucher are examples of best photo restoration software programs that are being used to fix vintage photos. Photoshop takes a lot of effort depending on the damage sustained by the photograph but the end result is always satisfying.

Hopefully, the following steps will make the entire photoshopping experience easier for you.

STEP 1: The first thing that you need to do for repairing old photo in photoshop is to scan the vintage photo so that it can be transformed into a digital copy. Brilliant scanners are available from HP which aren’t heavy on the pocket. Take a digital picture of this vintage photo, trying to capture the maximum essence of the photo. Ensure that the bed of the scanner is completely clean and the digital image is of high quality; you should make sure that you are getting as much clarity as possible. This will also make your process of restoration a tad bit easier.


STEP 2: Improve the composition of the photograph by cropping and straightening it. This way, you also save yourself from fixing the border of the photo which would probably be a little distorted around the edges.


STEP 3: Make sure that the titled horizontal lines are running parallel with the overlay grid. Tweak basic settings like brightness and contrast so that the colours of the photograph are enhanced and more vivid. Photoshop restore old photo color options can come handy.


STEP 4: Keep an original copy of the scanned digital image. It is always a good idea to keep a backup. It also helps you as you can compare the difference that you are making in the edited photo. Try and stick as close as possible to the original photo.


STEP 5: A Healing Brush Tool comes in handy to fix damages like scratches, spots and wrinkles. You need to blend the texture from the source point with the colour of your desired result. To colorize old photos Photoshop takes the maximum amount of time because correcting the damage needs an eye for detail.


STEP 6: Some details, like a faded face, cannot be fixed. However, where there is a large area in a photo that needs to be fixed, you can take a similar area from another part of the photo and superimpose that selected area as a replacement.


STEP 7: Make sure to adjust the opacity of the image so that it lines up similar to the underlying pixels. Blend the edges that surround the image so that it looks natural and fresh.


STEP 8: If you want, you can fill colours in the picture. If the photo was originally black and white, you might prefer letting it stay as it was. Colours can be filled in, changed or refreshed as well. However, the effect of these colours is not similar to the digital coloured photos that we have now. If you want to colour the image, use solid colour adjustment layers that have specific modes of blending. Your aim is to get a natural looking photo with all the efforts that go in for digital photo restoration.


STEP 9: Save the restored image. Do not forget or you’ll have to go through the whole process again. Before saving, make sure that the end result is to your liking. Zoom in to check properly. Sometimes, we are oblivious but an apparent smudge or a weird spot is still left somewhere. So, make sure that does not happen.


Photoshop takes time to master. There are so many tools that one cannot possibly understand in a single sitting. Do not fret. Start with tools that are easier to understand and simpler to implement. Begin by restoring photos that have been only slightly damaged. You can start from the least damaged ones and slowly build your way up. All photoshop Software come with extensive directions so that the user can utilise the offered tools to their maximum ability.


There are many companies that restore old photos online. Just get in touch with the right photo editing company if you don’t have time to spare.

Also read the step by step guide to restore heavily damaged images in Photoshop.

Six Photoshop colour settings that matter while editing images

Photoshop CC is feature rich software which offers numerous ways to pull off spectacular results with our pictures. Its colour handling through various colour settings have baffled many photographers including experienced ones.

Six settings underpin the entire colour effect manipulation process

1) RGB Working space

It is the first choice that appears in Photoshop’s ‘Colour Settings’ and it’s the Photoshop color settings for web. Every possible hue of red, green and blue has been assembled with values assigned to them in the range of 0-255. Millions of colours can be made by blending them. Primary and secondary colours can be blended to create tertiary colours of various saturation levels. You need to pick up the most appropriate RGB gamut only. It is convenient to work with standard spaces as the editing results w.r.t highlights, mid-tones, shadow and other attributes can be predicted fairly well.

You can choose between 3 working spaces.

a) sRGB

This space is apt for those who publish pictures online and get commercial prints. Raw prints experience significant colour data loss in the transition between cameras to Photoshop. Portrait subject is most compatible and skin tone editing can be done impeccably. Subject types shot determine the choice of working space.

b) Adobe RGB

This space is optimally suited for those who carry out home printing and publishes images through third party. This space was primarily developed to fine tune the prints from CMYK printer models. Adobe RGB files after editing can be converted to sRGB easily. During conversion, loss of cyan and green happens and yellow as well as orange colours are partially subdued; so the subject should be in landscape. Default colour management of contemporary web browsers allow for saving images in large working spaces for online publishing. To prevent desaturation, profiles need to be embedded in image file.


c) ProPhoto RGB

It is the largest of all working spaces and meticulously conserves colour data of raw image during import to CC. This choice is one of the best Photoshop settings for printing photos taken through high-end printers; however to avoid banding, sometimes one is compelled to edit with 16 bit large files. This working space generates colour tones some of which are invisible to human eyes.

It is important to understand that details of certain objects that have deep yellow hue are lost as soon as they are opened in Photoshop in working spaces other than ProPhoto.  Blotches and bands appear in such photos. Such subjects should be printed right away in ProPhoto. You can edit the photo in this space and then transform into smaller working space. Conversion of smaller space to larger one won’ t allow for retrieving of initial colour data after transformation. For this colour space, raw image should be compatible with 16-bit workflow.


2) Monitor RGB

This profile is not preferable as Photoshop colour management is turned off by this. You can ascertain if Photoshop has been accessing right monitor profile with this. If your customized monitor profile is not showing up as expected in Photoshop, you need to momentarily turn the monitor profile to sRGB through settings specified in operating system. If you experience improvement in colour, you will have to eliminate your present profile and create a new one.

3) Colour management policies

Through this Color Settings in Photoshop, you can access ‘Colour Management Policies’ option. Three drop-down menus would appear and you have to opt for ‘Preserve Embedded Profiles’ in all. You need to uncheck two boxes adjacent to ‘Profile Mismatches’ as the alerts generated by them may distract you. The boxes refer to ‘Ask When Opening’ and ‘Ask When Pasting’; the first one indicates if the file’s inherent profile is different from the one you are working with.

Keep the box adjacent to ‘Missing Profiles’ checked to know the accurate colour space applicable to the image file, which doesn’t has embedded profile, based on its origin. Alternately, you can proceed with file opening without profile and subsequently delegate the optimum Photoshop profile to it.


4) Assign Profile

The ‘Assign Profile’ option of Photoshop need not require invoking in maximum circumstances. If you are not aware of its functionality, you can cause unwanted colour shifting while converting files between different colour spaces. Instead, use of ‘Covert to Profile’ is recommended as it allows colorimetric matching of source and destination colours to the maximum extent possible. ‘Assign Profile’ does not engage in colour matching as it believes in applying the image embedded RGB values to another colour space which results in inordinate colour shifting. This feature is appropriate for files with no embedded colour profile or the one for which you want to change color profile;Photoshop’s this option is extremely useful.



5) Convert to Profile

This tool transforms one RGB colour space file to another. Relative colorimetric rendering compares and matches colours. Colours not under the purview of a particular space’s gamut are matched to their closest counterpart. The rendering intent should compulsorily be ‘Relative Colorimetric’, although other intents are also available.


6) Proof Colours

Available under ‘View’ menu, this option is useful in checking the printer or attached device’s colour output. Displayed colours depend on ‘Proof Setup’ menu’s selected options. This option is useful for simulating Protnopia related colour blindness. Previewing and editing print colours for checking compatibility with RGB screen picture are satisfactorily done through this. You start by opening a replicated image adjacent to original one and then proceed with application of printer profile to the replicated version. Editing would result in the replicated image matching closely with original.


Final words

Always opt for Adobe RGB space if you are uncertain as this profile covers almost all colour printers and monitors’ outputs. You also need to understand the Photoshop CMYK color settings for print.

Monitor RGB would offer insights regarding use of appropriate monitor profile by Photoshop.

Never use ‘Assign Profile’ for conversion of RGB spaces as unwarranted colour shifts occur. This option is applicable for cases when the original profile is not known.

For optimum colour matching between source and destination profiles, ‘Convert to Profile’ option is perfectly suited.

‘Proof Colours’ option offer insights into the way colour blind person would view an image. This option is not useful for normal editing.

There are numerous companies housing skilled Photoshop experts who can help you in getting the editing done with great level of precision and excellence. Selecting the right people is where the trick lies.

Top ten things one should remember while attempting eBooks formatting

EBook formatting requires the concerned to take care of several things. Different tips are followed by experts to achieve the desired level of perfection and precision. Ten of the most prominent among one are brought together here.


  1. EBook development and web development are completely different things

Web developers are professionals who are excellent at developing web sites, which are meant to be displayed in web browser. However the job of eBook developers is to design books that need to be read on eReaders and other similar devices. The technologies involved with electronic book reading are very different from the Web. More often than not, what may suit the Web might not go well with an eBook at all.

In simpler words, a person hired explicitly for conversion of EBooks should be well versed with the specific technologies involved in eBook designing.

The process required in electronic book development is not fun by any means; it’s dreary with endless styling and clean-up that needs to be done manually by a professional regardless of the efficiency of software programs being used. Hence, if anyone is interested to convert their electronic book manually, they need an ebook developer and not a web developer.

  1. EBooks without a fixed layout-the silver lining

Reflowable eBooks make it possible for the reader to resize the book’s font or reorganize the book. It is possible to increase or decrease the size of the text. Whether you’re reading landscape or portrait, the book’s contents will get restructured as per the specifications selected by the reader.

A different type of format is the ‘fixed layout’ format that is helpful for the publisher or author in individually defining the pages of the book. In this format type, readers cannot alter the font size and the book’s images also do not change as per the preference of users. Fixed layout ePub conversion is very well suited for tablets but doesn’t necessarily at times work well with iPhones.

  1. Un-enforceable nature of the stylistic elements

EBook dropcaps

Dropcaps, an essential part of every text is almost impossible to control, as far as eBooks are concerned. One can try and exercise control with the help of CSS, and they still won’t be well suited for every instance. This is in fact one of the basic eBook formatting tips.

This happens because, even if one programmes the code with dropcaps, all devices have a different style of displaying them. 80% of the time it will be unsuited, especially in case of readers with overriding settings. All devices constitute a font size difference and have different line heights, which in most cases is likely to intrude with the display of dropcaps.

EBooks and hanging indents

One cannot force the hanging indents in an eBook as one is compelled to make the use of negative indents or what is called- padding, in order to make them work. Electronic book readers are not very efficient at handling those. In the CSS, it is not possible to instruct the making of a hanging indent and fails to work on most devices, when tried.

EBooks with headers and footers

In an electronic book, one may not be able to spot running headers and running footers. As eBooks lack the concept of what are called fixed pages, the pages of the book reflow as per the device being used; hence one cannot do so, other than by using a fixed layout which is not suited for eBooks at all. And keeping the style in mind, one cannot use headers and footers. Most readers have their custom standards and cannot be overridden.

EBooks and Body Fonts

Most e-reading devices, such as kindle, iBooks or other softwares used for eReading let the reader decide the preferred font for the book.

  1. MOBI is more suited to Kindle as compared to Word files

Earlier on, Amazon only accepted the MOBI file for publishing in Kindle Bookstores. Now, when it comes to formatting eBooks for kindle, one can submit a file from Word to kindle eBook store and it is accepted. The only issue however is, on auto-conversion by kindle, the result may be what you wanted or it might go wrong. If one was to look at it with a realistic approach, a word file needs to be worked on majorly, if it has to be auto-converted by Kindle and companies offering professional kindle conversion services always do that . Additionally, if one uses the Kindle’s auto conversion process in order to make submissions to Amazon, they shall also have to make way to get their EPUB, if they want to publish to the Apple store as well. A version for print will have to be designed additionally.

  1. Standard requirements

International Digital Publishing Forum has the responsibility to ensure that the EPUBs are valid as per the specifications. Platforms create different problems as they all have varying criteria. There is some randomness and alchemy in the process.

  1. Testing EBooks

There are some practices one must follow to ensure things don’t go wrong when loading an EBook on iPhones. Experts who are professionally indulged in formatting eBooks for publishing are aware of all relevant procedures.

  1. How are eBook covers design different from Print Covers

As far as EBooks are concerned, the cover is a separate file and is also inside the book at hand. However in a print book, the files on the interior and the cover are submitted separately.

  1. Adding multimedia and videos

One can screencap a video and further link the picture to the video, that is displayed on the internet, anywhere else. If one wants to embed a particular video, one cannot take the help of servers that are external. EPUB does not permit this. One can’t, for example, use the iFrame technology on Youtube. The video has to be present in the book, in order for it to work. Javascript, similarly cannot be called to servers external in nature.

  1. Table of Contents

A system of table of contents is included in the eBook, so as to enable the readers to see a drop-down menu, inclusive of the table of contents. In an eBook, there is no presence of tactile setup of pages like normal books that one can physically touch. To simplify the process of getting to a particular section of the book, a table of contents is much needed, even if it is a short story or just a lone chapter. There is also the need for a clickable page that is linkable, just as the contents table for crafting best multimedia eBooks. The reader’s prime focus is the reading experience as opposed to formatting that anyway is different for different devices.

  1. EPUB replaced by EPUB3

EPUB’s most important update is the EPUB3; in case the work at hand is not too complex, there will be no noticeable change. The older EPUB2 conversion can be put to use. Most platforms yet do not support the latest version, so there may be no dire need to change or upgrade. However with epub3 conversion services incentive lies in making the book interactive in nature.

Additionally, one must use styles that are compatible universally and not make it complicated. Like mentioned earlier, there are a plethora of things that can hamper the successful publishing of an EBook and most elements of design are beyond one’s control. The most logical step to take in regard of eBook conversion services and styling is to keep formatting to a minimum and not include formatting that is inline. Lesser control one exercises, the better the EBook looks.

4 important industries where a bilingual call-centre is mandatory

Business firms have globalized rapidly in the last few decades, thanks to technology and industrialization. Demographic as well as time differences have almost disappeared owing to internet growth and various other forms of technology. Companies need to keep in touch with their customers all time round the clock, as the latter expects companies to be available for service even during holidays and odd hours.

You need to reach out to your customers in the language they are comfortable with. Bilingual call centers make it possible for business firms to get across to their customers seamlessly. Companies having demographically and culturally diverse customers rely on bilingual customer support centres to a substantial extent.

If you are willing to ease up the process of communication for your global customers, assistance from a bilingual call centre will definitely be a valuable asset for you. Companies usually partner with these service providers to ensure their customer satisfaction. Availing the services of a bilingual answering service call center indicates that you are relying on expert assistance to deal with your customers. Thus, you can benefit supreme quality services. .

Well, as said, it is crucial to establish a bond with your customers. You need to communicate to them in the language they are comfortable with. It will help your business to grow and enhance its brand image. Thus, you will be able to expand your business in different locations of the world and among different communities and groups. In a nutshell, it will promote your business strategies prolifically. Specialized professionals at these call centres assist you to enhance the relationship with customers.

Here, you will find the top four industries where bilingual call centres play a crucial role. If you deal with any of these businesses, make sure to partner with a reputed customer support call center.

Online retail companies


Ecommerce companies have flourished in various sectors of business. People are increasingly becoming accustomed with online shopping. Online business is easy and fast, provided you have a reliable customer support desk. In case you have an online retail business, you need to partner a reliable company specializing in bilingual call center services.

Your customers hail from different parts of the globe. When you want to grow your business, reputation matters a lot. You need to provide customers with logistical support like international shipping. In order to preserve this reputation and capitalize on it, you should hire customer support representatives from a call center specialized in at least two languages- English and their local language.

Irrespective of the where your customers are from, they will receive perfect professional support if you choose the right customer support people.

Hospitality and tourism


Tourism and hospitality are two of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. These sectors require bilingual call centre support, therefore, you need the right service providers at your disposal. If you deal with travel agencies, resorts, hotels, restaurants and other related businesses, you need to approach a reliable partner to facilitate proper communication in most professional tone.

Travellers look out for seamless services to enjoy their holidays. Differences in language may turn out to be a key hindrance in pleasing them. Evidently, you cannot do the needful without expert support in these aspects. For all aspects associated with hospitality and tourism, customer support is crucial and it has to be kept in mind. 

Transportation solutions


Transportation industry is closely associated with tourism. This industry, too, has grown remarkably over time. Bilingual call centres support travellers to avail transportation benefits when they travel. They bridge you with your customers and eliminate communication gaps. In order to ensure a hassle-free mobility for your customers, you need to hire the services of a reputed company specializing in the field. To facilitate your customers with flexible services, you should look out for experienced companies offering call center outsourcing services. Passengers may seek your services in order to enjoy a safe ride. Therefore, you should arrange for the required communication infrastructure to prevent possible loopholes in the system.

In case the commuters look for support at your desk, you should be able to cater to their demands. Experts working at bilingual call centres link these gaps and boost up your business. You also gain in terms of reputation and brand image.

Banking and finance


Finance and banking is one of the foremost industries that require bilingual customer support including Spanish call center services. The professionals on these platforms need to update their customers on monetary matters. The customers of these companies look forward to warrant their security. Financial institutions try to understand the needs of their customers. In order to do away with communication problems, you need to count on reliable service providers who provide bilingual customer support services at affordable costs.

It is very important to maintain a good relationship with your customers. Therefore, you need a specialized team of professionals who are adroit in communicating with them in the way they would love. You can maintain an impressive rapport with your clients when you have the support from experts. Bank only on those service providers having a good track record to enjoy better results in terms of conversions and customer loyalty.